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Last updated date: 2023-09-25


Welcome to ! Farizon New Energy Commercial Vehicle Group ("Farizon" or "we") has created this Cookie Policy as we respect your privacy and value Internet security. This Policy describes the types of cookies we use on our website and explains what cookies are and how we use them.

We may use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience when you visit our website. These cookies are related to you, your preferences, or your device. Usually, they are not for identification, but to provide a more personalized website experience for you. We respect your right to personal information. You can choose to block certain types of cookies, but that may affect your experience in using our website and the services we provide for you.

We will use cookies to record your choices in our cookie privacy manager. You need to tell us your preferences again if

  • you revisit our website after deleting your cookies.
  • you visit our website through a different device or browser.
  1. What are cookies?

 Cookies are small text files that are stored on the browser or hard drive of your computer or mobile device when you visit the website. Cookies collect data about your device and interactions with the website such as the browser type, operating system, IP address, device type, location, browsing date and time, and your language preferences. Cookies are widely used by website owners to make their websites work better or more efficiently and report information.


  1. Why do we use cookies?

For technical reasons, we need to create some cookies to ensure the operation of our website. Such cookies are "strictly necessary". Other cookies also enable us to further understand our user preferences so that we can optimize the user experience on our website.


  1. What types of cookies are used and how we use them?

 The following are the main types of cookies we use and the reasons we use them:

 Strictly Necessary Cookies

 These cookies are necessary for the operation of our website and thus cannot be switched off on our website. Their settings are usually made according to your operations, equivalent to requesting services. You can configure your browser to block the use of these cookies, but this may make some functions of the website unavailable. Strictly necessary cookies will not store any personally identifiable information. 

Analytics Cookies

These cookies help us improve or optimize the experience we provide.. These cookies place a random ID on your browser to distinguish you as a visitor and see patterns in your usage of our website. We collect information about your encrypted IP address, your location and other information on how you use our website, e.g. what you click on, from which website you are browsing and how many times you have visited our website. The information is used to optimize functioning, loading speed and to modify the website and our marketing to become better adapted to our visitors.  

  1. How to control or delete cookies

You have the right to accept or reject the use of cookies on the website. You can set the use of cookies by configuring them in your browser. The options in the Cookies Settings allow you to accept or reject the collected cookies. Strictly necessary cookies cannot be rejected considering their strict necessity to serve you.

The options in Cookies Settings can be found on the cookie banner and on our website. If you choose to reject cookies, you can still access our website, but restrictions may be imposed on certain functions and areas of the website. You can also configure or modify the website browser settings to accept or reject cookies.

For any questions about changing your preference settings, please contact us at

  1. Updates to this Cookie Policy

We will update this Cookie Policy to reflect changes in our operations and services. When revisions to this Cookies Policy are issued, we will revise the "Last updated date" at the beginning of this Cookies Policy. For any material changes to the way we collect, use and/or share the information contained in the cookies, we will inform you by posting a change notice in a conspicuous location when you log in to our website or use our services. Therefore, please check this Cookie Policy on a regular basis to understand our use of cookies and related technologies.

The date at the top of this Cookie Policy indicates the latest updated date.

  1. For more information?

For more information about how we process your data, please see our Privacy Policy posted on our website. 

  1. Cookies set in the past

If you have blocked one or more cookies, we may still use the information that such cookies have collected before your blocking. However, we will no longer use the blocked cookies to collect any further information.

  1. Contact us

For any questions or comments about this Policy or general privacy matters, please contact us at .


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