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"Leading the Green Commercial Revolution through Innovation and Intelligent Connectivity"







The core values adhered to Farizon encompass not only enhancing user experiences
through technological innovation but also fostering environmentally friendly and
sustainable development by integrating the zero-carbon concept into all
aspects of corporate growth

Three Forces
Market Strategy

Taking research as the guiding force and an innovative business model as the foundation


Vision & Goal


Core Technological Paths


Operation Platforms


Strategic Coordination Models


All-encompassing solution

To cater to varying customer vehicle usage needs, commercial vehicle usage scenarios are categorized into four major segments: logistics transportation, public transportation, special modifications, and specific scenarios.

Logistics transportation

Main routes logistics

Branch routes logistics

City delivery logistics

Public transportation

City bus

Intercity bus

Special modifications

Garbage removal Municipal services Road cleaning

High-quality life Healthy life

Specific scenarios

Intelligent port

Green mine

Urban Construction

Core Technologies

R & D and Manufacturing

Leveraging the technical capabilities of the Geely Group, Farizon has founded one of China's most extensive research institutes dedicated to new energy commercial vehicles.

Our global team comprises over 2,000 R&D engineers.

Concentrating on new energy and intelligent driving systems, we aim to create a next-generation fleet of sustainable CVs.

R & D Engineers

We have already established multiple manufacturing bases across China so far.

Global Reach

So far, Farizon has exported a variety of new energy products such as vans, light trucks, small and micro trucks, and buses to numerous countries in the Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, and South America.

In the future, Farizon will continue to actively promote the new energy automobile industry and remains committed to its brand vision of ”leading the green commercial revolution through innovation and intelligent connectivity.”

Global Expansion in 2024


Will enter European market

Farizon H9E

will realize product launch in Turkey and Israel


Continue to expand its presence in the Middle East market


Green transportation and intelligent IoV platform provider

Green Intelligent Link

Co-creating an intelligent and green logistics ecosystem for highways

Oneworld Technology

1+N model

Green Ecology

Farizon Green Methanol Ecology Strategy

Methanol-Hydrogen Ecology

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