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Green Ecology Development Business Unit

Farizon New Energy Commercial Vehicle Group is dedicated to green intelligence. Through nearly 10 years of investment and development guided by R&D, it has established a strategic structure known as "" This structure is based on a business model that aims to create a "" market. The company is committed to ecology and strives to achieve its corporate mission of " leading the green commercial revolution through innovation and intelligent connectivity," thus driving the transformation of the commercial vehicle industry. In March 2022, the Green Ecology Development Unit was established.

  • Green intelligent transportation and whole industry chain ecology

    The Green Ecology Development Unit, with a focus on "regional market, regional layout, and regional ecology," is implementing the "vehicle and environment" strategy. It concentrates on the two major technical routes of "electricity + methanol-hydrogen" to establish a "green intelligent transportation" system in city. Furthermore, it collaboratively builds an entire industry chain ecology of "green methanol preparation - methanol trading and fueling - methanol electric vehicle manufacturing and vehicle operation.”

  • Team Building

    Upholding the principle of streamlined, professional and efficient team building, the Green Ecology Development Business Unit consists of Operation Management Division, Project Management Division, Financial Management Division, Talent Management Division and N regional factories.

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