1+N model

Green Ecology Development Business Unit

Dedicated architecture for new energy commercial vehicles

Centering around the vision of “creating intelligent interconnection and leading green commercial vehicles”, Farizon New Energy Commercial Vehicle Group has always adhered to the “R&D-oriented” principle and has established the strategic architecture of “12225” after more than eight years of development; sticking to the “business model-based” concept, it is implementing the “1233” market strategy to build the industrial ecology of new energy vehicles. In March 2022, the group set up the Green Ecology Development Business Unit to implement the “vehicle & environment” strategy while focusing on “regional market, regional deployment, and regional ecology”.

  • Green and Intelligent Transportation

    The Green Ecology Development Business Unit follows the two technology roadmaps: “Pure Electricity”, and “Methanol-Hydrogen”. In terms of the “Pure Electricity” roadmap, it builds a “green and intelligent transportation” system for urban commercial vehicle application scenarios and supporting facilities; in terms of the “Methanol-Hydrogen” roadmap, concerted efforts have been made to build a whole industry chain ecology of “green methanol preparation – methanol trade and fuel filling – methanol automobile manufacturing and vehicle operation”.

  • Team Building

    Upholding the principle of streamlined, professional and efficient team building, the Green Ecology Development Business Unit consists of Operation Management Division, Project Management Division, Financial Management Division, Talent Management Division and N regional factories.

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